Europe 1965

In early 1965, we went to Europe - me (Frederick R. Griswold, author of this website), my parents, my brothers Lew and Roger, and our Aunt Lulu was with us for part of the way. I was 11 years old. We landed in Luxembourg, and went from there into France, then to Spain, then back into France, then to Monaco, then France again and into Italy where we also went to the Vatican, then Austria, then Germany, then Switzerland, then France for a fourth time, then to England and then home. On the way over we stopped in Iceland, though we didn't go out of Keflavik, the village at the airport. But including Iceland and the Vatican, that's 11 European countries. We bought a VW bus in Luxembourg and used it for the whole trip. We stayed about half-and-half in campgrounds and hotels.

1) My father Robert L. Griswold (hereinafter referred to as "Dad") made a record of our trip on his tape recorder as we traveled from country to country. I got them transferred to CD a while back. Any tapes past about Florence seem to be missing. 2) My mother Natalie M. Griswold ("Mom") made a typewritten transcription of about a third of the recordings. 3) Dad also took black-and-white pictures with his Minox camera and put them into a picture album, which contains about 10 times as many of them as are on this website. And there were others he took that aren't in the album. 3) My mom kept a journal of her own, which goes up to about Vallaurais, France. 4) My own personal recollections are the source of much of the commentary on this website.

The Crew: From oldest to youngest are Robert L. Griswold; Natalie M. Griswold; Lewis L. Griswold; me with the big glasses; Roger W. Griswold.

France, Spain, Carcassonne
Nice to Venice
The Germanic Countries, France again, England

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Background: The skyline of the walled city of Carcassonne in southern France.