The Dute Family of Lorain County, Ohio

This site is dedicated to the genealogy of the early Dute (pronounced "Duty") family of Lorain County, Ohio, and before that of Germany; and to allied families like Heidenreich, Dellefield, Hasenpflug, Gleim, Miller, Rohrbach, Hilt, Heussner, Ulm, Holzhauer, and Brandau. Its primary focus is on the 19th century, but the Dute line goes back to the 1760's and the Gleim line all the way to 1714. Family tradition says the place of origin of the Dute family is Alsace-Lorraine in France, but the Rochelle area, the Duete River over by Holland, and Hesse itself are also possibilities.

Translations of nine letters written to George Dute the immigrant are included here as sources, along with images of a couple of them in the old Suetterlin script. Other evidence presented here are some e-mails from researcher Stephen Westfall in Hesse; the Heussner record; a letter from researcher Walter Sprankel in Hesse; and four pages from the Casper Dute family Bible from Elizabeth Dute Cody.

George Dute the immigrant came to Lorain County in 1834. His son Casper Dute married Mary Heidenreich and they had 15 children. My descent from Casper is: August Anton Dute; Ruth Estella Dute; Robert Lynn Griswold; and me, Fred Griswold.

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The Old Ancestral Homeland

Illustrious Dutes, Past and Present

The Ancestors

To see a text-file report on the Dute family, click here. The charts at the top of it can be used as a table of contents into the rest of it. You can use ctl-f to search for a particular name or record number in it. It is told from the point of view of its author - "Uncle Bill" is William E. Dute, "Dad" is R. L. Griswold, "me" is me.

The Sources

Letter from Anton Dute to George Dute, 1837   Click here for image of page 3

Letter from Catherine Elisabeth Dute Dellefield to George Dute, 3/18/1846    Image

Letter from Martin Dute to George Dute, 4/4/1846   Image

Letter from George Brandau to George Dute, 12/15/1846

Letter from J. P. Ulm to George Dute, 8/24/1851

Letter from H. Longbrecht to George Dute, 1/13/1854

Letter from A. Dute, 3/9/1856

Letter from A. Dute, 3/10/1856

Letter from Anton Dute, 4/5/1860

The Elver Heussner Record

E-mail from Stephen Westfall, 4/13/2000 (Heinrich Dute etc.)

E-mail from Stephen Westfall, 4/19/2000 (Miscellaneous Dutes)

E-mail from Stephen Westfall, 6/22/2000 (Heinrich Doellefeld and family)

E-mail from Stephen Westfall, 7/5/2000 (Gleim)

Letter from Walter Sprankel

Casper Dute family Bible (children)

Casper Dute family Bible (parents and grandparents)

Record of Dute family's arrival in New York, from ship's manifest

Records of arrival in New York of Catherine Elizabeth Dute Doellefeld and 3 of her sons, from ship's manifests


Pictures of Casper and Mary Dute and their farm

Picture of the whole Dute clan, taken in 1910

14 sons and daughters of Casper and Mary Dute, 1881

The earliest Dutes

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The family of Casper Gleim Dute b. 1875


Click here to find out about the Salem church on the Geo. Dute farm, and its successors.

Click here for a partial Dute family history from Valerie Gerstenberger.

Click here for a slightly modified text file Ray Dute sent me containing info about some miscellaneous Dutes. My comments are in bold.

Click here to see your ancestor's signature.

Click here for some speculations on the origins of the Dute name etc., from Marcel Dute of Holland, and from Bob Mueller.

Click here for some obituaries of the Casper and Mary clan, collected by Karen Krugman. Comments and corrections by Valerie Gerstenberger are in bold. For more obits for the Dellefields and other related families, see Sue Strick's Lorain County site below.


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