Brown Family Bible

The Bible pages here came from Steven Ruppright of the Joshua (b. 1788) line. "My great grandmother was Florence Brown Musgrave." says Steven in an e-mail Bobby sent out 6/1/05. "She had a family bible with the Brown Line. The Bible originaly belonged to her grandfather Nathan Brown." Nathan was the son of Joshua, son of William born 1757. "By the hand writing, you can tell that the entries were written by different people." And, "I have attached four Bible pages Aunt Agie sent me", he says (5/19/2006). "My ggg grandfather was Nathan Brown, his wife was Perlina Pratt. Perlina was the daughter of Lowman Pratt and Rachel Kelly. Rachel Kelly was the daughter of Elizabeth Lane and James Kelly. Elizabeth was the daughter of Wilkerson Lane and Nancy Jane Plowman. The Pratts go back to the Lanes and Kellys also."

Brown Family Bible

Wm S Brown, son of James Brown
of Maryland

Williams brothers - Thomas and Joseph

Notes: This establishes that William Brown's father was James Brown, and that James Brown came out of Maryland. It also attributes a middle initial to William Brown, though I am a bit skeptical about this since I haven't seen that from any other source, and since William was born in 1757 before middle names were common. The last line may mean that William Brown had brothers named Thomas and Joseph.

Joshua Brown's parents William S Brown and
Ruth Lane Brown. Their Children:


Notes: The birth order here is a bit different from what has been established from other sources, and there is one extra daughter - Eliza. Eliza and Elizabeth were presumably the same, though. Not too much is known about Elizabeth.

Nathan Brown and Perlina Pratt Brown and family.

Eliza 1845
Joshua 1847
Mary.E. 1849
Loman.A. 1851
Nathan .J. 1853
Thomas 1853
James.L. 1857
Henry.A. 1859
Lewis .E. 1862
Rhoda 1865
Rachel 1867

Notes: Nathan Brown was the son of Joshua Brown b. 1788. This matches up pretty well with what was already known, though Mary E. and Thomas are new to me.

Lewis(?) Brown and Catherine Searfoss
Brown and Family

Lola (?)
J. Gladys
Infant son
Infant daughter

Notes: Lewis is the Lewis Elmer Brown b. 1862. Charlie may actually have been the Carrie M. Brown b. c. 1889. The other names match up pretty well with those already known.

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More on the Bible: "The Bible in question at one time was in the library of my great grandmother, Florence Brown Musgrave. Back in the 1920's, the foundation of her house caved in, the house fell in and the place flooded. The entire basement was filled with water. My great grandmother saved as many things as she could, including her books and the Bible. She then spent a great deal of time, going through everything trying to save what information she had. Some of her documents and books were heavily damaged and she took the time to rewrite the information she could read, The information she could read from the family pages in the Bible were re-written on the back pages..." S. Ruppright, 2/27/07.