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   EMRYS Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Evanwhits Forever In Command CDX NA PHC
(20 Dec 91 - 19 July 04)

A soul passes
Softly in the night
Moonlight's sweet peace

Ty Picture
Above - Kamiak Butte, Eastern Washington. And no I didn't copy the
Stonecroft Arnold picture, this was taken before Arnold was born.

Ty was my first corgi. He was shown in the conformation ring for a couple years, but never quite finished. That often happens with first show dogs, but it was a good learning experience for me. In agility he showed blazing border collie speed, but sadly had to be retired at a very early age from agility and obedience as he has hip dysplasia. He was unfortunately a very go-go type of dog that cannot be allowed to do his favorite joys in life due to being unsound. He passed over the Rainbow Bridge in July 04.

For more on hip dysplasia or to look up a dog on the OFA database to see if they're certified clear of hip dysplasia, see the OFA Web Site.

Ty Picture
Above - Ty in the Open obedience ring when he could still jump.

Ty Picture2
Above - Eastern Washington snow fun.