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   EMRYS Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Photo Gallery

Below - Nov 2010 Dogs packed onto reclining chair, clockwise from 12:00 - Fleur, Peri, Bonner, Tizzy

Below - Nov 2010 Tizzy has learned the command "Leave It!" (ps that's yam)

Below - Polly

Below - Bonner herding sheep

Below - Polly, Bonner, Peri

Below - Bonner got stuck on bookshelf going after an escaped kibble

Below - Mar 2006 Portrait of Polly with her daughters Peri, Bonner, and Fleur the day before she passed

Below - Bonner and Fleur at 6wks old

Below - Polly never did see any reason for "take it hold it," but retrieving was great

Below - "Homecoming." Jordan returning from shows, watching are Sadie (visitor), Bonner, Fleur, Ty

Below - Peri and Trev as pups

Below - Note the pix right below this one!

Below - Whoops!

Below - Toilet training the dogs?

Below - Land of my birth. Green soaring mountains, deep blue seas

Below - Bishop Museum

Below - Dad

Below - Mom

Below - Brother and Family

Below - Grandpa

Below - Myself and first corgi Ty