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   EMRYS Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Emrys Midnight littermates
(Am/Can Ch Leftbank The Stars At Night CD x Am/Can Ch Evanwhits Without A Doubt CDX OA AXP AJP PHC VC)

Curiously, when I decided on "Midnight" as a litter theme before the pups were born, I thought all the pups would be red and white. Well, mom was hiding a sneaky little tri gene (we knew dad had it), and SURPRISE! The Midnight theme really fit! Even more suprising was that the tri pups were black-headed tris. The black-headed tri color factoring is recessive to the red-headed tri color factoring, both of which are recessive to the red color factoring. All of which means that you don't see black-headed tris too often.

The litter consisted of 5 boys (2 black-headed tris, 3 reds) and 3 girls (1 black-headed tris, 2 reds). The following pictures are of the pups at various ages. Peri, Edgar, and Trev have their own pages, go back one page to see them.

Pix of Putz Pix of Putz Pix of Putz
Above - Putz at 4wks (l), 12 wks-first nite home with his dad (center, photo by his owners), and 6 months (r)

Pix of Sailor Pix of Sailor
Above - Sailor at 4wks (l), 6.5 months (r, photo by owners)

Pix of Thistle Pix of Thistle
Above - Thistle at 8wks (l), and at ca 10 months (r, photo by owner)

Pix of Lady Pix of Toby
Above - Lady (l) and Toby (r) at 8wks

Pix of Litter
Above - ca 1wk old.
Top: Toby.
Center (left to right): Trev, Edgar, Lady, Thistle, Putz, Peri.
Bottom: Sailor.